Kipaji Lab Kenya

The Kipaji Lab is defining the role of artists, creatives, and storytellers as solution-makers who drive social transformation, spur cultural change, and advance economic development.

We are a collective of artists, scholars, filmmakers, activists, storytellers, educators, researchers, and change-makers who are deeply committed to serving creators on the African continent who are posed to transform narratives and create new stories.

Kipaji Lab Kenya: 

Our Story

We take an interdisciplinary and experiential approach to teaching, honing, and learning creativity with the purpose of telling visual stories for the new world. Our work is guided by the understanding that visual storytelling is the most powerful tool on earth. We have an ambitious goal to work with African creatives, artists, and makers to unleash their creativity. We believe that providing space for creativity is essentially to decolonizing the mind and then the imagination.

Our Vision

Decolonize African visual storytelling.

Our Mission

Provide every participant with the tools and resources they need to nurture their creativity and create works that tell compelling stories, build movements, inspire audiences, and improve the human experience.